Primitive Green Form

Detail of an abstract paper mache by MJ Seal that resembles a cross between a mountain and a primitive sea creature with green reptilian skin


“Primitive Green Form/Ancient Verdant Mountain”- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old rags, old paintings, PVA glue, river gravel and acrylic, 42” x 20” x 7”. C. 2020
The gentle “S” like curve of the spine makes me think of some large fish swimming along the bottom.
Gullys and ridges?
I like how the texture of the gravel and the splotchy glazes of colors combined to create this thing’s very reptilian looking skin.
An eroded mountain- or primitive sea creature- or both. It looks alive and that’s what I was always strive for.

*Stay Safe-Stay Productive*

The tail

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