Shallow Sea With Sinkholes

detail of an abstract painting by MJ Seal that resembles an aerial view of a shallow aquamarine sea riddled with ultramarine blue sinkholes shaped curiously like mouths

Was not expecting where this one ended up- but I guess I say that with every piece 🤔

“Shallow Sea With Sinkholes”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 14” x 11”. C. 2020

The starting point-

I spread thinned out white and gray paint over a canvas painted bright blue then mashed wax paper into it and then peeled that off- it formed this kind of cloud of dendrites.

I thought this was going to turn into some peculiar cloud or forest- or a forest in a cloud.

But after adding to the white areas and then the blue this large chasm began to develop in the upper left. It quickly turned into what looked vaguely like an aerial view of some karst landscape riddled with lakes.

As I added additional glazes of turquoise and green it became apparent this was a strange seascape with deep blue sinkholes that look strangely like mouths and rippling sand flats that look like masses of bones.

Note these pics don’t do this piece justice- the thin glazes of color really glow in person. It is very difficult to reproduce glossy paintings.

*Stay Safe- Stay Productive *


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