The Flock

detail of an abstract painting by MJ Seal that looks vaguely like a creamy white rock formation and a phantasmagorical flock of menacing owls with glinting eyes of gold

Finally finished 🤗🙃🖼

“The Flock”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic and gold on canvas, 12” x 9”. C. 2020

The starting point-

Hmmm- something ghostly is developing 🤔

This one started out as a thick glaze of light gray paint smeared over a dark burgundy canvas. I pressed wadded up wax paper into the wet paint which left this interesting “feathered” environment after I pulled it up. I then rubbed some of the grey paint away with a rag where there seemed to be shadows developing. It rapidly took on the form of a peculiar rock formation crossed with a mass of strange birds.

After the initial painting dried I decided I needed to do something with the dark spots. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be eyes or little cavities in a mass of rocks but they needed to pop- so I applied a little 23 kt gold leaf to them- now they gleam

And glower- and follow you across the room

I then went in with thin glazes of Transparent Brown Oxide to build the maze of forms. Then a little crimson around the edges to make the flock really pop out.

I’ve found the size of an art piece generally has nothing to do with how long it will take to complete- and this fairly small painting took forever-but I’m happy with the results.

*Stay Safe-Stay Productive*


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