The Forest of Cold, Rainy Winter Nights

Close up detail of an abstract paper mache sculpture by MJ Seal that resembles a black thory mass of monstrous faces with glinting orange and blue eyes
“Dark, Thorny Mass/ The Forest of Cold, Rainy Winter Nights”- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, jute rope, PVA glue and acrylic, 33” x 30” x 13”. C. 2021
This piece was inspired by a patch of woods behind my apartment. On winter nights with the leaves down the lights from the street behind it glint through the bare branches like little eyes peering out. When it’s rainy the whole thing looks like one monstrous form silhouetted against the under lit clouds.
This piece is very animated looking- which is something I always strive for
And a little menacing to
The painting process was fairly simple for this one- after sculpting was complete I coated the whole thing in black and then applied little dots of white.
I then glazed a rusty orange and a blue green over the dots. The glazes of color allow light to reflect off the white ground- giving an incredibly luminous effect.
Luminous like little cat’s eyes
They seem to glow even under poor lighting conditions- they seem almost fluorescent. The colors I used are almost a perfect match for the colors of sodium and mercury vapor lights.
This sculpture is very complex with numerous faces/facets. There are tunnels and crenellations and really every time you look at it you see something new.
Little roots of jute cord reach out along the base
Dorsal view
*Stay Safe-Stay Productive*


    1. Danke 🙏 It originally was meant to hang- as it was built over a stretched canvas – but it grew so much its to heavy to hang on the wall. It’s quite interesting sitting on the floor- or better yet at eye level sitting on a pedestal 🤔🤗

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