Searching Form

Close up detail of an abstract sculpture by MJ Seal made from sackcloth and rope that resembles a giant chartreuse green and reddish brown sea fan

Like a mass of little tendrils reaching out in all directions-

“Searching Form/ Spring Forest”- Original sculpture MJ Seal. Sackcloth, jute rope, PVA glue and acrylic, 52” x 46”. C. 2020
The anterior?
At the heart of it all- if this thing has a heart

After the last update post on this piece I decided it still needed some work- the greens were to cool and intense.


So I applied some translucent brown and red oxide glazes and I am very happy with the results.

The greens are muted, warmed up and make the whole piece look like it is just waking up from a period of dormancy- hungry and with arms outstretched.


*Stay Safe-Stay Productive*


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