Detail of an abstract painting by MJ Seal that resembles a mass of disembodied spirits camouflaged in sunbeams filtered through a dense forest canopy

What could be hiding in those deep, dark places-

“Jungle”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 5’ x 3’. C. 2020
I toned down the bright green along the edges – the dark mass looks more solid and it’s inner world really pops.
I like how some of the forms in the underpainting are poking through ever so slightly. The little horned figure in the upper left started out as a paint splatter that looked like some Egyptian God.
They are quite a motley crew.
It’s hard to tell from these pics but the glazes of color in this produce an almost iridescent effect- the figures really glow on the dark ground.
Perhaps some vegetation silhouetted in the lower right?
It’s like concrete forms are starting to form but then just start to disintegrate into an amorphous mass

Working in this large of a format was challenging to say the least- the most difficult part though (besides photographing it) was letting my conscious mind go quiet and letting what developed develop.

*Stay Safe-Stay Productive*

At first glance (esp from a distance) it looks like the sun dappled floor of a very dark, lush forest.


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