Detail of an abstract acrylic painting by MJ Seal that resembles a very large and colorful paramecium

A vibrant new life form has evolved from a scrap of drop cloth I was using to wipe off dirty brushes-

“Monad”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on a scrap of drop cloth, 18” x 15”. C. 2020

The starting point-

Just turn this one click clockwise

I just thought it had potential 🤔

Since the edges weren’t exactly clean I went ahead and trimmed off the sides and frayed the edges even more by putting it through the washing machine. I like how the threads along the sides came out- like cilia on a paramecium.

Then I soaked it in water and thinned out turquoise paint to kind of stain the canvas. After that dried I gradually worked up the colors in thin glazes.

Some leaf-like patterns
Vacuoles and organelles? Or little river valleys?

I like how this experiment turned out- which is good as I have plenty more paint splattered starting points to work with 🙂

*Stay Safe-Stay Productive*


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