Work In Progress- Primitive Green Form

View from above an abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal after application of a yellow glaze that resembles a cross between a mountain and some primitive sea creature

Like an Emerald Isle emerging from the blue gray sea of my studios carpeting-

“Primitive Green Form/ Ancient Verdant Mountain “- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old paintings, old rags, PVA glue, river gravel and acrylic, 42” x 20” x 7”. C. 2020

Where we left off-

After glueing on a lumpy layer of river gravel and allowing this piece to cure for a bit it was time for its skin of paint.

I sealed the whole thing up with acrylic medium and then applied a thick layer of Titanium White to serve as a bright ground for next layers of color.

The paint really accentuates the granular texture from the gravel

After the white layer dried I slathered a thick layer of Cerulean Blue Deep mixed with Open Medium-

I then pressed rags and wax paper into the wet paint and kind of mushed it around to give it some texture- kind of like the canopy of trees I was trying to mimic .

I left extra paint in the “gullys” to give it contrast.

After that layer dried I applied a thick glaze of Nickle Azo Gold-

Looking more mountain like

The yellow layer over the blue creates the illusion of a mottled, cool green – very similar to the appearance of our local hills seen from a distance.

The splotchy yellow glaze allows patches of the blue to show through.

And finally I painted a thick glaze of Phthalo Green over the whole thing-

The combination of semi transparent glazes over the white ground really make this piece glow on the wall- and on the carpet- which it was photographed against.

There are little hints of yellow and blue poking through the green layer so this piece is not actually monochromatic.

Next I am going to let the paint cure for a bit and then give it some kind of varnish for protection.

*Stay Tuned*

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