Blotograph 060820

Detail of a free association drawing over an abstract watercolor painting by MJ Seal

Life in the undergrowth-

“Blotograph 060820”- Original drawing/painting by MJ Seal. Watercolor and graphite pencil on Stonehenge paper, 8” x 8”. C. 2020

Hmmmm- I think a recent hike may have unconsciously inspired this one 🤔 Here’s a pic from that promenade dans la forêt-

Everything’s gone green 🤗

And here is the starting point-

I think you can clearly make out the eye that developed in the middle left. The rest of the details are hard to see in this reproduction.


  1. Ok, the bigger screen view supports my impression that something serious is going on here and we should be extra careful to avoid bad consequences, but it’s not yet hopeless as the lively green indicates… and you can see this while walking through the woods in bright daylight? I wonder what it would be like at night in the dark… 😉 !

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    1. I think only I can see these verdant beasts- nite or day! And I thought this was going to be very botanical and leafy- and fairly innocuous- 🤔 C’est la vie!


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