Blotograph 051820

Detail of a free association drawing over an abstract watercolor painting by MJ Seal that resembles a peculiar sea slug

A strange fuzzy sea slug with aquamarine innards ? Hmmm 🤔

“Blotograph 051820”- Original drawing and painting by MJ Seal. Watercolor and graphite pencil on Stonehenge paper, 8” x 8”. C. 2020

The starting point-

I think you can make our some kind of trunk or proboscis in the bottom right


  1. At first I saw a peaceful tree. The longer I looked at it the more I then saw a beach scene. Either way, it’s wonderful. I hope everything is going well for you and you’re staying healthy. Take care.

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    1. Yes this one is fairly amorphous and thank you! And for the most part yes- I have been remarkably productive and doing what I can not to catch la peste. Stay Safe 🤞😷


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