The Fertile Continent

Detail of an abstract acrylic painting on canvas by MJ Seal that resembles a map of a verdant green continent sprouting strange peach colored fruits

Like a cross between a verdant island and a peculiar fungus- or amphibian- or perhaps 🤔

“The Fertile Continent”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 20”. C. 2020

The starting point-

For this piece I started by slathering on a thick layer of Golden Open Acrylic Medium and then poured and splattered batches of leftover paints from previous pieces and wiped it all around with a wide brush. Then I pressed cloth into the wet paint to pick up some of the excess. after that I mushed wadded up wax paper into what was left. The wax paper left interesting dendrites and the voids left by the cloth gave some initial form to this potential painting. I also liked the patterns of dots created by my fingers pressing through the cloth.

Approaching the halfway point

After the initial mess dried I began building up the image layer by layer with thin glazes of transparent pigments. It rapidly turned into a map-like form surrounded by a deep blue sea and the dots left by my fingertips developed into peculiar fruits budding up from this lush, green continent.

A thin glaze of Transparent Red Oxide gives the “fruits” a peachy coloration

After the initial painting was done a thin glaze of Nickle Azo Gold really made the greens pop.

River, lakes, basins, hills
A river draining into a sea?

With the dark ultramarine of the sea around it the bright, grassy greens of the continent really make it pop out at you.

I had a lot of fun with this- it was kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and a welcome distraction for my anxious mind. I hope it provides the same relief/release for yours!

*Stay Safe- Stay Productive *

Strange fruits erupting from a strange land


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