Detail of an abstract acrylic painting by MJ Seal that looks like a cross between an aerial view of an azure desert sea and a colony of sea anemones

My first painting in years-

“Reservoir “- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 20” x 16”. C. 2020

The starting point for this piece began with me pouring various batches of paints leftover from other projects onto a canvas I had brushed over with Open Acrylic Medium.

Some interesting textures to start out with

I then pressed a sheet of wadded up wax paper into the wet paint- mashed it into the canvas with my hands and then peeled it off slowly from several angles. Then I pressed a sheet of muslin cloth into it . The wax paper left interesting dendritic patterns- the cloth left hints of shadow and form.

After the initial painting dried for a week or so I then went in and layer by layer worked up the patterns I initially saw. Gradually it developed into this peculiar cross between an aerial view of some azure sea and a colony of anemone like forms.

Like looking down over a section of the Bahamas
Sea squirts? Coral? Hmmm 🤔

I really like how the deep ultramarine blue turned out after glazing it with thin layers of pthalo turquoise and green- it’s looks bottomless.

Sand flats? A tidal estuary?

If you like complex pieces with infinite detail (like I do) then this painting should be as enjoyable to stare at as it was to make. No matter how long you look you will always find something else. Note: these photos really don’t do this piece justice- and the colors are not exaggerated. *stay safe- and productive * 😊


      1. I haven’t been to the sea in years- and I’ve had the itch for awhile- hopefully I’ll get to visit once this passes 🤞🙏


      2. About 150-200 miles I’d say- it’s on the opposite side of Virginia from here- so yeah it’s a bit of a trek from the Valley! When I lived in Richmond the ocean was close enough you could easily make a day trip there- that unfortunately is not an option out here.

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