Blotograph 012420

Detail of a biomorphic pencil drawing by MJ Seal over an abstract watercolor painting

A soft and squishy sea form that appears to be growing a back bone-

“Blotograph 012420″- Original painting/ drawing by MJ Seal. Watercolor and graphite pencil on Stonehenge paper. 8″ x 8”. C. 2020

Here is the starting point-

The final piece ended up upside down from this (what I thought would be the right orientation). Also wasn’t expecting to turn into some quasi sea creature- hmm- c’est la vie šŸ¤”šŸ¤—


    1. Yes with all the yellow it does kind of look like the smashed contents of an incubating fertile egg- the question is of what species- and from what planet šŸŒŽšŸ‘½šŸ¤”


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