Fertile Form I

Detail of an abstract paper mache sculpture by MJ Seal that resembles a psychedelic lichen or flower with hues of viridian, chartreuse and coral red

This piece was finished weeks ago- but I was waiting for the weather to cooperate for a proper photoshoot- and this morning it finally did 😊

“Fertile Form I” – Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old paintings, PVA glue and acrylic paint. Approximately 22″ x 23″. C. 2019

This has -easily- been the most time consuming project of my life. I know I say that with every sculpture but this really took forever. I think the results of my labor were well worth the effort though πŸ€—

It truly looks alive and applying the colors in thin transparent layers really adds to that effect- the colors meld into each other beautifully and seamlessly.

I originally envisioned this piece with a matte finish but after applying the last glaze I decided I liked the glossy finish so much I’d leave it as is. It glistens like something just dragged from the sea- or a UFO

Note that the colors in real life are even more vibrant than they appear in these photos- they are not exaggerated.

It really glows on the wall 😊

* stay inspired *


    1. Merci beaucoup! I’m just happy I didn’t ruin it when I applied the glaze of red to the spikes and β€œleaf” edges- and that I went with my instincts and used glazes instead of thick opaque layers.

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