Work In Progress- Winter Forest

An abstract sculpture in progress made from rope and sackcloth by MJ Seal

Finally got cracking on this half finished project from last January πŸ™„-

“Winter Forest”- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Sackcloth, jute rope and PVA glue. Approximately 3′ x 3 1/2′. C. 2019

What started out as a few bits of burlap and rope has grown into a peculiar gray forest-

Pictured above is where I left off last winter.

After hanging in the wall for months I decided it need just a little bit more depth and texture-

So I applied a few more patches of torn up sackcloth soaked in glue water and then threaded extra strands of jute cord through them to hold it all together. A generous application of more glue water will ensure this peculiar sea fan- like form doesn’t fall apart. I love all the wiry, hairlike textures I can get with the shredded ends of the fabric and rope- it’s really looking alive πŸ€—

After this piece cures for a few weeks it will be ready for a skin of paint- stay tuned!


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