Adventure in France- Avignon

Former seat of the Papacy, Avignon is an incredible city of tangled medieval streets surrounded by an intricate defensive wall. We unfortunately only had a little time to explore this culturally rich city and I really wish we could have spent a few more days here.
This fountain in the courtyard of our hotel had a moss mountain at it’s center
Our first stop in Avignon (after dropping our luggage off at the hotel) was the Carre Du Palais- an upscale eatery on the square in front of the ancient papal palace. This was my decadent desert- a pillar of coconut custard and cookies topped with a ball of pineapple sorbet sitting in a nest of spun candy glass. The base is a flower made from slivers of fresh pineapple.
This park and the ancient church seated next to it was just a block over from our hotel.
Every block had such an incredible mod podge of different architectural eras. The seemingly crumbling structure in the center towering over the other buildings is the side of the Palais des Papes.
The quintessentially Provencal cypress trees were everywhere- even the completely paved over heart of the old town.
The Palais des Papes towers over the city. Here you can see it looming over the walls of a little courtyard strung with grapevines.
The interior of Palais des Papes is our next destination. *Stay Tuned*

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