Adventure in France- Condrieu

After Paris we traveled by train down the Rhone Valley. Our first stop was a little town called Condrieu, where (and this is not an exaggeration as you can see from the picture above) the Rhone glittered like diamonds and the blooms of Autumn crocus painted the riverbanks a golden yellow.
Ancient facades with modern interiors line the riverfront. Note the old fortress of a house up on the hill behind the town.
Another vibrantly colored house under the crystal blue sky
The steep slopes surrounding Condrieu are covered in vineyards that have been in use for millennia
The vineyards are held in place by the hand-pieced stone terraces that were originally put in place by the Romans.
A sublime sunset on The Rhone as seen from the resturant of the Beau Rivage where we stayed.
Heading further south we will explore Tournon Sur Rhone. *Stay Tuned*

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