Adventure in France- Versailles

The Chateau de Versailles was built by The Sun King, Louis XIV over the course of the late 1600’s to the early 1700’s. Beginning as a hunting lodge it served as the royal residence and the seat of the court until the French Revolution.
The gleaming front entrance. It’s difficult to describe the size of this palace, essentially a small city unto itself, and the photos I took walking up to the outer gates- which stood the equivalent of a city block (or two) from this entrance- just didn’t do it any justice. The people you see are just a small portion of the line extending from the tourist entrance (way out of view on the left) and extending to the outer gates- and everyone in it had reservations like us.
The upper floor of the chapel where the Sun king came to worship and be worshipped
Every room (salon) was filled with priceless furniture, paintings and artifacts like this finely carved and gilt table.
And this collection of small bronze sculptures.
I was surprised at the intensity of the colors- especially the jewel-like tones of the many paintings adorning the walls
There was a plentitude of portraits spanning several centuries
Including this one of the ill-fated Marie Antoinette and les enfents
The Sun King is now towers over awed subjects from all over the world
Every entrance was a grand entrance. These hallways, I’d estimate, were the height equivalent of a three story building. And like the Palais Garnier every surface was filled with some finely wrought and gilt decoration.
The Hall of Mirrors
The term “opulent” simply doesn’t come close to describing this place.
There must be 6 different kinds of marble in this “little” nook alone
A view of one of the many, many fountains in the gardens surrounding the palace. You can see the Grand Canal way off in the distance. Here, behind Versailles, the elaborate and lovingly maintained gardens extend for miles. You can easily become lost in the mazes of Bosquets branching off from this main aisle way.
Next we travel a few centuries before the reign of Louis XIV in the Cluny Museum. *Stay Tuned*

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