Monad VII

Detail of an abstract acrylic painting on a scrap of canvas by MJ Seal
“Monad VII”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 23” x 29”. C. 2021
I was able to get some surprisingly fine details on this very textured scrap of drop cloth
After its initial use as a paint smeared table covering this piece took on several different forms before this incarnation. I’d start working with what was there and it just didn’t seem to go anywhere until I finally wiped some leftover white paint over the whole thing and then pressed a wadded up rag into it. The patterns left behind gave it some interesting forms I could build off of.
Layer by layer it slowly developed this intricate inner realm
Lagoons and canals seen from above? Or perhaps deep, dark caverns?
Tendrils and little eyes (?) budding up along the carefully frayed edges
A peacock like eye-spot at the bottom?


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