Work In Progress- Searching Form

close up detail of an abstract sculpture in progress by MJ Seal made from sackcloth and rope that resembles a giant green sea fan

We are approaching the finish line –

“Searching Form/Spring Forest”- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Sackcloth, jute rope, PVA glue and acrylic, 52” x 48”. C. 2020

Where we left off-

After this piece cured for a few months I sealed it up with acrylic medium and then scumbled white paint over the face of it.

Really brought out the texture

Then I glazed on some golden yellows, emerald green and umber glazes-

The colors really glow over the white under painting

Once that I dried I applied more thin glazes of yellow and translucent brown paint-

The yellow and brown glazes really make the greens sing (and in key)

I think this just needs a few touch ups and then it will be ready for some varnish- stay tuned…

*Stay Safe-Stay Productive*

Lots of texture in this one

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