Work In Progress- Cella

An abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles a cross between a giant starfish and a peculiar fungus

Step by step we have reached the finish line-

“Cella”- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old rags, old paintings, sackcloth, PVA glue, 24kt gold leaf and acrylic, 38” x 24” x 3”. C. 2020

Where we left off last year (?)-

After this beaute etrange cured for a few months I sealed it up with acrylic medium and then gave it an opaque coat of buff white paint.

I actually liked it a lot like this

Once that dried I scumbled a gray glaze all over.

Definitely gave it some texture

I gently wiped the gray glaze off the high points on the upper surface to give it better contrast. Next I painted a glaze of iridescent gold paint over the areas that were to be gilded. This makes the actual gilding process much easier- trust me

Once that dried I began the tedious gilding process-

My gilding set up

Which wasn’t actually all that tedious . I used the 24kt loose leaf gold which was tough enough I could handle it with my (gloved) hands. It only took 3 couple hour gilding sessions.

Nothing quite like real gold leaf. And the 24kt is more of a brown than yellow. It looks rich and decadent. It kind of glows in the dark to.

After the gold size cured I gently dusted the excess leaf off et voila-

Next I sealed up the gilded areas (it’s very delicate) and coated the whole top surface with a warm white glaze.

I think this is my opus

Before the white glaze dried I carefully wiped it off of the golden “nuggets”- so they look like they are emerging from this things skin.

The white glaze is semi transparent so it lets some of the base coats show through.

Now I just need to let this cure for a bit and then it will be ready for some varnish- I’m thinking something with a matte finish.

*Stay Safe- Stay Productive*


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