Inspirations- A Walk In The Woods

View of golden autumn leaves in a forest in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley photographed by MJ Seal

Fall is officially here-

Like stained glass

Rather than being productive on my first weekend back after the beach I decided to take a little hike.

The forecast was for sunny and mid 60’s- instead it was cold, dank, windy and cloudy- but I persevered and made the most of it and enjoyed another wonderful hike.

The colors are a lot farther along than usual
Gold was everywhere
And in every conceivable hue
Some shelf fungus and strangely, perfectly positioned fallen leaves. It had been very wet the week before so their were lots of interesting fungi popping up.
These looked edible but I didn’t have my guide with me and decided against picking them. Taking a few pics seemed a safer option
I’m pretty sure these pumpkin orange mushrooms are poisonous
Gold is even sprouting from the ground
Some elegant found calligraphy- to bad I can’t read the language of whatever grub “drew” these
These worm eaten log looks like a detail from one of my drawings
Rusting remnants slipping towards a small sink hole
The remains of an old truck?
I’m not sure if this was an old logging camp or just another secret redneck garbage dump from decades ago. Nature has reclaimed it for

*Stay Safe- Stay Productive*

The sugar maples are adorned in their autumn splendor

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