Inspirations- A La Plage

A Peachy orange sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean on the Outer Banks of North Carolina photographed by MJ Seal

I am an ocean child at heart-


Our trip to the beach last week was just what the doctor ordered. I brought down some art supplies with the intention that if I felt like it I would get some arting done- and of course that didn’t happen. I barely even picked up my phone the whole time. I got in as much beaching as I possibly could hoping I would grow tired of it. That didn’t happen either but I am happy I made the most of my time and I don’t feel guilty about being unproductive.

It had been quite a while since the last time I went to the beach and I was definitely longing for the sea.

Sea oats and sand dunes gently illuminated by the dawns early light
Nothing quite like sunrise on a deserted beach
At high tide the waves were crashing into the dunes in the foreground

The first couple days were a little breezy with a big nor’easter sitting just offshore. At high tide there was essentially no beach. It definitely was not safe for swimming. The surf stirred up some interesting stuff like starfish which I have never seen there before. I collected as many (dead) ones as I could stuff in my pockets.

A bountiful harvest

There was a nature reserve near where we were staying . While the beach was under the water we decided to take a little hike through it.

The twisted form of a wind tortured live oak

I was surprised at the jungle-like gnarled forest just a block from the water.

quite a jungle
These live oaks were very dramatic looking
Interesting lichen grew on the twigs of almost every oak tree
Loblolly pines bathed in warm morning light
An Eastern King Snake just happened to slither right in front of our path
The sound was remarkably calm and quiet

There was a little overlook of the sound at the preserve. It was a very peaceful expanse of gently swaying reeds and rippling water. I didn’t get bit by mosquitoes once.

No evidence of people but a few foot prints in the sand

After the wind and waves calmed down I spent as much time as I could on the shore absorbing the environs and collecting shells. I was hoping to get it all out of my system but I don’t think that really happened- I’m ready to go back!


*Stay Safe- Stay Productive- and get some fresh, salty sea air if you can*

The After light above the surf – these colors are not exaggerated


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