Work In Progress- Nachtblume I

Close up detail of a paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles an alien flower

The first of what may become a very large series-

“Nachtblume (Night Flower) I”- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old rags, jute rope and PVA glue, 21” x 21” x 11”. C. 2020

I’ve had this idea for a series of sculptures that would resemble fungus and would glow in the dark (and yes this will glow in the dark 🤗). As with most of my 3D work these will be made from ephemera and detritus. I like the idea of the physical remains of the day being chewed up, digested (in a certain sense) and transformed into these strange fruiting bodies- like how leaf litter is transformed into mushrooms.

It’s very animated looking
Like something that is slowly crawling across the floor every time you turn your head
A bulging seed head of spores ?
Winding roots

Now to let this guy (?) cure for a bit and then it will be ready for a skin of paint- namely fluorescent paint and phosphorescent paint

*Stay Tuned*


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