Work In Progress- The Forest Of Cold, Rainy Winter Nights

Dorsal view of an abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles a peculiar starfish or some strange, compass rose shaped temple with multitudes of faces

Like some peculiar starfish gliding across the floor-

“The Forest Of Cold, Rainy Winter Nights”- Original sculpture in progress by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old rags, old paintings, jute rope and PVA glue, 38” x 35” x 13”. C. 2020

This very textural piece was inspired by a little patch of woods next to my apartment which looks very animated at night- especially on rainy winter nights when the bare branches are silhouetted against the cloudy night sky and the lights from the street behind it glint like eyes.

Ok so it may only seem animated to me due to my overactive imagination 🙂


Initial sculpting went fairly quickly for such a complex piece- only 5 sessions- granted each of which took all day.

There are numerous potential faces in every facet of this- the more you look the more you will see.
Little tendrils of frayed jute reach out like roots.
Teeth and horns?
With the 8 points and maze of faces/facets it makes me think of ancient Hindu temple.

After this cures for a bit it will be ready for a skin of paint-

*Stay Tuned*

The view from above- when displayed I want the 4 major points facing in the cardinal directions.

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