Painting In Progress- Morass

Detail of an abstract painting in progress by MJ Seal tha resembles a cross between a giant green paramecium and a jumbled bone bed

At the half way point-

“Morass”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 30” x 19”. C. 2020

This one started out as another scrap of canvas I was using as a table cover. After a few messy projects I decided had definite potential as a painting in its own right-

Definitely some potential

So I trimmed off the edges, frayed them and put it through the washing machine-

It brought to mind some swampy forest- or some giant amoeba- so I soaked it in water and added more green. the wet canvas soaked in the green glaze like a stain. Once that dried I sealed the whole thing up with acrylic medium so I could paint in finer detail.

Little frayed threads spread out like cilia on this

Then I went in with glazes of black and white to build up the underlying patterns I was seeing in the paint stains-

Halfway there-
Definitely looks like a front

It rapidly turned into what looks like some mash of primitive skeletons with perhaps eyes along the bottom.

Some interesting innards

Now that the under painting is complete is is time to apply the colors.

*Stay Tuned*


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