Work In Progress- Primitive Gray Form

Side view of an abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles a cross between a mountain and some primitive clawed sea creature


“Primitive Gray Form/Ancient Winter Mountain”- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old rags, old paintings, PVA glue, river gravel and acrylic, 42” x 20” x 9”. C. 2020

Bringing this one to life was a fairly simple process (by my standards anyway). Where we left off-

After gluing the layer of river gravel on I left this sculpture to sit and cure for a couple months.

Next I painted the underside with a layer of Violet Oxide. The upper surface was coated with a mixture of Titanium Buff and Violet Oxide- creating a warm, pinkish gray base to work from.

A peculiar pink lobster?

Then I applied a couple glazes of Titanium White and Titanium Buff mixed with matte medium-

I was going for an effect similar to a whelk shell sitting on (one) of my inspiration shelves-

The crusty looking texture is similar as are the colors- the sculpture being slightly cooler in tone- like one of our locals hills seen from a distance after a light snow.

Now to let the skin of paint dry and this piece will be ready for some varnish- a nice matte varnish I think 🤔

*Stay Tuned*

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