Fruiting Body

Detail of an abstract painting by MJ Seal that looks like some peculiar, rainbow-hued cluster of fungus

We are going to strange (and colorful) new places in this one-

“Fruiting Body”- Original painting by MJ Seal. Acrylic on canvas, 20” x 16”. C. 2020

This originally started out as a color study for a sculpture I’m working on.

I slathered some Raw Umber acrylic paint mixed with a bit of Open medium over a canvas and then pressed wax paper into it. A strange feathery forest developed-

With some Titanium White and additional glazes of Raw Umber this forest turned into a mass of fungal forms-

I then applied a few glazes of yellow, green and magenta to the lighter areas and this form rapidly became rainbow-hued.

Almost there

I love how vibrantly this came out. The thin glazes of color really glow especially in combination with each other. I was also impressed with the range of hues I could get with only 8 colors.

*Stay Safe- Stay Productive *


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