Work In Progress- Primitive Green Form

the view from above a paper mache sculpture that resembles a cross between a mountain and a fossil of a primitive sea creature

Some fairly radical evolution in this one-

“Primitive Green Form/Verdant Ancient Mountain”- Original sculpture in progress by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, old rags, old paintings and PVA glue, 42” x 20” x 7”. C. 2020

This one started out as a mass of paper ephemera glued over a mound of wadded up old paintings-

Hmmmm- what would this turn into 🤔

After it dried (maybe February of 2019?)it kind of sat around for a year until I decided I needed to do something with it- or it needed to go in the trash.

The form had potential- esp what would become the anterior end- it reminded me vaguely of a horseshoe crab for some reason- but it needed something else.

So I wadded up some old rags -placed them along the sides – and then attached them more paper detritus soaked in glue water.

After it dried I was quite happy with the overall shape of this piece- like a cross between one of our eroded ancient hills and some primitive sea creature.

So next I applied an additional skin of paper ephemera to hold everything together.

And then I attached a layer of gravel from a local creek with acrylic medium –

The gravel gives it an interesting granular texture- which paired with the blue green color I’m envisioning this with- should give it a similar appearance to the verdant mountains in the distance I can see from my studio window 🤞

Now for a skin of paint 🎨

*Stay Tuned- and Stay Safe*


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