Work In Progress- Night Breaks In

Close up view of an abstract sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles a strange fungus or a cluster of tentacles coming out of a wall after application of ultramarine colored paint

Step by step-

Reaching out to grab ya

So after a few weeks of curing this étrange beauté was ready for its skin of paint. Originally I was just going to paint it black or dark gray like the Dead Man’s Fingers Fungus it was inspired by but the more I mulled it around in my head the more I liked the idea of a more “celestial” color scheme.

First I sealed the whole thing up in acrylic medium. Then I applied black paint to everything save for the “fingertips”-

Next I scumbled Titanium White over most of the front-

I almost considered leaving it like this
Like a strange forest

After the white dried I applied a glaze of Quinacridone Magenta. This would make a brilliant base for the next layers to play off of.

Hmmmm- vaguely like intestines

Then I painted on a dark French Ultramarine glaze-

The ultramarine is semi transparent a glows a deep violet over the magenta layer
Taking on a more celestial appearance

Then some additional French Ultramarine with a bit of Titanium White on the spikes-

It’s starting to glow
The ultramarine is very close to the hue of the night sky shortly after sunset- it’s also my favorite color 🙂

Next some speckles of Titanium White-

The white dots have a star-like appearance

Then I applied several mottled glazes of iridescent and Interference colors-

The metallic, nacreous effect of the iridescent glazes turned out even better than I thought they would- it’s like a pearl with the coloring of nightfall.

The effect of the iridescent layers over the other glazes is like the interior of an abalone shell 🤗

And finally a couple thin glazes of French Ultramarine and Quinacridone Magenta blend everything together-

It glows and gleams – and the iridescent hues change depending at which angle you view it.

Now all it needs is some varnish and then it will be ready to hang on the wall.

*Stay Tuned- And Stay Safe*

Hues of nightfall


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