Inspirations-La Foret De Printemps

Trees leafing out in a Virginia Forest in early May photographed by MJ Seal

For those of you trapped inside by la peste – or other reasons- I hope this helps 😘

The colors are not exaggerated 😊

While I was not happy about missing out on our trip to France (or the situation in general 😳) I was able to experience another springtime in Virginia. So…

To make the most of my lockdown (well what passes for a lockdown in this country) I have been taking a hike whenever I can. On these little excursions I make a point of absorbing/ photographing as much as I can. Enjoy 😉

Reaching for the sun 🌞
Canopy of the undergrowth
Trout Lilies
The flowers are nice- but I really like the coloration/pattern of the leaves.
Bloodroots- one of my favorite harbingers of spring
You can see some of the actual root in this pic- it actually bleeds a crimson liquid if broken.
The peculiar hairy flower of Wild Ginger
Spring Beauties and other noble weeds in a bedding of moss
Fern fronds unfurling on one fine April day
The fronds just a couple weeks later
A reticent resident peeking out of his portable home 🙂
White Oak leaf buds have the most vibrant scarlet color
Sugar Maple leaf buds popping out against the April sky
The first fragile leaf buds of the season
Like stained glass 😊
The Sugar Maples a few weeks later
Tulip Trees- my favorite native left over from the age of the dinosaurs
This one is at least 150’- at the base it is wider than I am tall- and I’m 6’.
The view from the tree tops
In the golden afternoon

If you can get out to la foret I definitely recommend a walk in the woods- it’s a proven natural remedy for an anxious mind and stressed body.

*Stay Safe and Stay Productive*

Jungle 💚


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