Work In Progress- Fertile Form II

Close up detail of An abstract paper mache sculpture by MJ Seal that resembles a psychedelic lichen

Almost done !!!!! 🤗🤞

Yes this is real

Easily a contender for the most time consuming project of my life this peculiar bloom (?) is just a few touch ups away from completion.

Sculpting complete

After this piece had finished forming I let it sit on the wall for a few months to let it cure before the coloring process- and I procrastinated a bit to 🙂

A ghost lichen?

After applying acrylic medium to seal this whole mess up I coated it with a bright Titanium White layer-

Becoming more floral

Next I coated most of the petals/leaves with Cadmium Yellow Light.

The green literally is the same hue as lime jello 😊

Over the yellow portions I applied several thin glazes of Phthalo Green Yellow Shade. This beautiful, transparent emerald green allows light to bounce off the bright yellow layer underneath it giving it a jewel like brilliance. This is similar in effect to say how Jan Van Eyck (or his assistants) painted in the jewels in the crown of the angel in “The Annunciation”.

These colors are not an exaggeration 😊

And then I applied several glazes of Quinacridone Magenta along the “leaf” edges. The contrast between the bright chartreuse green and the intense cool pink really creates an optic buzz.

Now this belle étrange just needs a few touch ups- a signature- a little varnish- and it will be ready to bloom permanently on a wall somewhere- hopefully in a museum or gallery 🙂

*Stay Safe- Stay Productive *


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