Update- Reservoir

Detail of an abstract acrylic painting by MJ Seal that looks like a cross between an aerial view of an azure desert sea and a colony of sea anemones

So after a few days of hanging on the wall I decided this piece wasn’t quite finished yet-

It was almost done

This is probably one of the reasons I rarely paint anymore- they just never quite seem finished- and the more I glance at a piece as I walk by the more little details start to bug me. With sculptures once they are done they are done.

Anyway- when I was editing pics for the last post on this painting I thought it looked awfully cool in tone- over time it just started to look cold – it didn’t pop. So…

Much better!

I went over the sides with a thin glaze of Transparent Brown Oxide- sort of muddled that into the “reservoir”- this provided a warm, orange-brown contrast to the cool ultramarine and turquoise hues. Then very carefully glazed portions of the blue areas with Nickle Azo Gold- turning them into a bright glassy green- and giving some added variety to the viridian and blue hues. Now it pops 😊

*Stay Safe- Stay Productive*


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