Inspirations- Forms and Textures in the Late Winter Forest

Entrance to a miniature cave surrounded by verdant mosses and blue green lichen in an Appalachian forest photographed by MJ Seal

A pleasant distraction for anxious minds- enjoy 😊

A velvety carpet of moss glows on an otherwise gray, barren forest floor

I think the best treatment for anxiety is without a doubt une promenade dans la forêt- and I’ve managed to get several in these last few weeks of an unseasonably warm winter- which was really more like 4 months of early April.

Towards February some interesting things start blooming- long before anything green has awoken from its hibernation…

Scarlet Cup Fungus- my favorite harbinger of spring

Yes these strange fruiting bodies are real- and I did not exaggerate the colors-

I just noticed these fungi “blooming” a few years ago- there were just a handful popping up from fallen branches here and there- half hidden under the leaf litter. And every year since their numbers have grown.

Now every year- usually starting in early February- the forest floor is carpeted with their intense, almost fluorescent, scarlet hues. literally they looked like they were squeezed out of a tube of Cadmium Red paint 🤗

Other interesting fungal forms start sprouting up as winters grip loosens- like these witches butter fungi-

This sickly looking translucent black mass is actually edible 😋

And of course the mosses and lichen make use of the abundant light before the leafy canopy blocks it all out-

Above a miniature jungle of lichen and moss
A dead tree provides a substrate for a primitive forest of lichen
Yes this is real

I love how the lichens and moss glow on the dark blue limestone outcrops – esp after a good rain. These encrusted rocks probably look very similar to when they were forming under the Cambrian seas some 490 MYA.

Under the sea?
Like verdigris on copper
Like seagrass in a tropical lagoon

*Stay Inspired*Stay Safe* Get some fresh air- if you can 🤞

A miniature cavern in a forest of moss and lichen


    1. Merci! Yes they were wonderful hikes- esp the one I went on this past week- my blood pressure immediately went back to normal and that deep seated sense of doom immediately lifted. Unfortunately I watched the news later that night 😳

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