Time To Shine

A clump of chartreuse green mosses seeping out of the cracked bark of a fallen tree in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Our trip to France is off (for now) 😭

And since it looks like I will have plenty of free time now that mon voyage is postponed and literally everything is shutting down (possibly my store to) I am choosing to look at this- interesting- experience as an opportunity to get lots of arting done and strengthening mon Francais 💪👊🤓

“Inhospitable Form” a sculpture in progress I’ve finally gotten crackin on again.

Most of my fellow citizens I think will have a lot of difficulty dealing with this new reality of imposed isolation. For unsocial loners (like myself) this will be a time to shine 🌞

“Slug” another sculpture in progress that has been sitting around for years waiting to be finished- that now will be finished!

Being a true loner (not one of those pseudo-loners who go on shooting rampages because they desperately crave human affection/attention but are to weird and annoying to obtain it) I thrive in isolation. I can spend all day (in the safety and security of my comfy abode) working on art projects just as happy as a clam 😊

One of the first paintings I’ve begun in years.

Oddly enough I was planning on taking an art-cation in late March before we headed off to France for a month. Now it looks like I will have (at least) a months long plague-cation. Crazy times call for crazy fun (and productivity )!

“Verdant Form II” with its first coat of paint: A paper mache sculpture that is slowly approaching the finish line.


Stay safe- wash your hands a lot- avoid crowds (which is always sage advice) and remember to turn off the news periodically- (the plague isn’t going anywhere -‘cept to worseville)- and take deep breathes (unless someone is coughing in your vicinity) 🙂 😷

A very animated clump of moss sprouting from a dead fallen tree i spotted on a recent hike. A fitting image of potential springing up from death and decay.


    1. Merci! I am going 2 look those up. Yeah I will be doing a more extensive post on that peculiar piece soon- it’s actually built over a smaller version I though I finished a good 2 years ago- it sat on top of a shelf – and it never stopped bothering me! So I plastered over it and began anew over the old 🤗

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  1. I figured your France trip was off. Such a shame though. The one thing I’m finding a bit funny about this whole thing is how many times we’re reminded to wash our hands. Why do people need to be reminded so often? Why don’t they wash their hands normally??

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    1. People are gross- esp men- who I estimate 1 out every 3 do not wash there hands after going to the bathroom- because when I have to use public restrooms that’s one of the things I notice. I’m a huge germaphobe so pour moi obsessive hand washing is nothing new. and frankly I hope one good thing to come out of this horror movie will be that shaking hands will become a thing of the past. It really doesn’t tell you anything about a persons character all it accomplishes is spreading germs – ick . Stay safe!

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      1. And by the sounds of it, hopefully it will develop some wonderful new hand washing habits for people. xD

        When I was little my grandma was always telling us to wash our hands or made us use hand wipes when we were out, so I have a long history of keeping my hands sparkly clean!!

        I feel like I was well prepared for these events.

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      2. Yep, I’ve been prepping for this for years. Although, I’ll be really glad when schools reopen because the sound of the neighbours squeaky trampoline is driving me crazy. LOL


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