Work In Progress- The Night Breaks In

A detail of a halfway finished paper mache sculpture

Halfway there- 🤗🙃👻

Full view of a half finished abstract sculpture that looks like a cross between a fungus and a clawed hand reaching out of the wall

“The Night Breaks In” – Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Paper ephemera, PVA glue and sackcloth. Approximately 22″ x 27″. C. 2020

The shape of this piece was inspired by a clump of peculiar fungus I found in the woods I found out later was called “Dead Man’s Fingers”- and yes they look like the fingers of a bloated corpse poking out of the ground 😧

Another view of an abstract paper mache sculpture titled “The Night is Breaking in” that looks like a clawed Hans reaching out of the wall

I came up with the title after trying to translate “night is falling” into German. The translator spit out “die Nacht bricht herein” which en Anglais literally means “the night breaks in”. A perfect description for a piece that looks like a cross between a clawed hand and scary clump of tentacles breaking through the wall- esp once it’s painted black!

A sculpture in progress made from paper mache and sackcloth

To start out with I built up a base of wadded up paper ephemera soaked in glue water (I think it’s only appropriate to use the remains of the day) then layered pieces of torn up sackcloth over the wadded up paper.

Next I stuck the “stalks”- which are made from rolled up rags wrapped up in paper mache clay- into the sackcloth. The stalks are held in place by additional layers of glue soaked paper ephemera.

After everything dried I added more paper mache clay to the end of each stalk – giving them a more finger like appearance- and made little offshoots of the main clump with additional sackcloth and paper ephemera (so it will look like it’s spreading!)

Now I just need to let this piece cure for a bit and then it will be ready for a skin of paint- stay tuned ….


  1. Pour l’instant, je ne suis pas sûre d’aimer cela, c’est trop dark pour moi, mais j’aime beaucoup ta démarche et j’ai hâte de voir le résultat avec la couleur. Bref pour l’instant je m’amuserais bien à faire peur à mes enfants avec cela…

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    1. Thanks- yeah I have some other projects in mind that will look something like alien fungus poking through the walls. I just like the ideas of wall mounted sculptures- esp when they r hung at head level- it’s like a thought popping into your awareness 🤔

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