Work in Progress- A Forest of Sackcloth and Rope

Detail of a large forest made from burlap scraps and jute cords

Another winter forest? 🤔

Full view of a large abstract sculpture resembling a forest made from burlap scraps and jute cords

“Winter Forest II” (?)- Original sculpture by MJ Seal. Sackcloth, jute cords and PVA glue. Approximately 52″ x 46″. C. 2020

This larger cousin to the “Winter Forest I” looks even more animated- and I’m debating if I want to do more than just a gray wash for coloring. There is a lot of movement and I might try scumbling some layers of spring greens, reds and light browns over the dark base coat- so it will kind of resemble a forest in say early April- when the first hints of buds and colors start to make their appearance.

At any rate now that initial sculpting is done it will need a couple weeks to cure- so I’ll have plenty of time for a final decision.

Detail of an abstract forest of burlap scraps and twine

I actually started this piece last February -I think – it’s been sitting on the wall impatiently waiting for me to get back to work on it.

Detail of an abstract forest made from burlap scraps and jute twine

It just needed some extra pieces of shredded burlap and a few more jute cords for some added depth and stability. Now to let it rest and plan my next move- stay tuned 🙃🤗


    1. I’m leaning more and more to the hues we see around here in early spring- namely hints of rouge in the branches- warm gray on the trunks and little pops of chartreuse and golden browns here and there- well c what happens.

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