Blotograph 010620

My first arting of the new year and new decade 🥳

Blotograph 010620- Original painting/ drawing by MJ Seal. Watercolor and graphite on Stonehenge paper. 8″ x 8″. C. 2020

Vaporous figures materializing out of a candy pink haze (?) hmmmmm 🤔

I think you get see a defined profile of a face in the upper left of the starting point-

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow- so we’ll see if I get any more fun stuff accomplished on my day off 🙃


    1. I am- through the window with some hot tea ☕️😊 and Yes I’ve been checking on the weather over there across the pond- it’s bizarre Berlin and Paris- both of which are much closer to the North Pole than we are – are consistently warmer than we r- even though northern Virginia is on the same latitude line as Crete. C’est la vie!


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