Inspirations- Foret d’hiver

Working in retail it is very difficult to get out ’round the Holidays (esp during daylight hours) but I was able to get a short walk in before work today and luckily it was unusually balmy-

Winters around here are usually very gray- with the occasional blizzard induced white outs. While some find it monotonous I grown to love all the textures and movement that become apparent only in the seemingly endless masses of gray on gray.

The trunk of the ancient sycamore above is wider than I am tall (I’m 6′) – it’s at least 200 years old if it’s a day.

Without the foliage you can really appreciate the bone structure of la foret-

This little creek (Swover Creek) runs behind my Mom’s place. The bottom is covered with the fallen leaves of the bare trees reflected in it-

And in the cool, damp conditions of our Shenandoah Valley winters some less conspicuous life forms flourish- like this foliose lichen-

And on an abandoned wooden picnic table some British Soldiers have sprouted up-

Interesting things abound even on the gloomiest of days- so keep your eyes peeled and stay inspired 🤗


    1. Me to- usually when I’m over there the only time I’m outside is when I’m being dragged around the yard by the dog. And we’ve really lucked out with the weather- it’s been gray- but remarkably warm- usually Xmas mornings are around 5 degrees Fahrenheit- not above freezing!

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    1. I can b spooky at night 👻 it’s quite peaceful and inviting during daylight hours- although it could pass for the shooting location for night of the living dead or the Blair witch project ! The little red flowers are actually a lichen we call “British Soldiers” here in the states- I’ve never seen them before.

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