Approaching The Finish Line- Fertile Form

An abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles a very strange flower

Like a strange flower/ Comme Une fleur etrange-

After applying an undercoat of cool and golden yellows to this peculiar sculpture I scumbled on thin glazes of emerald green to the basins and leafy areas-

Next I began painting over the portions of golden yellow (like the spikes) with thin glazes of Quinacridone Coral. The Quinacridone Coral is an intense, transparent flame-red that looks almost fluorescent when glazed over warm yellows like Cadmium Yellow deep.

These photos really do not capture the vividness of the colors in this piece- for those of you familiar with Northern Sugar Maples the oranges, reds and yellows on this sculpture are almost a dead ringer for sugar maple leaves at their peak.

The texture of the paper mache combined with the delicate color transitions of the glazes really make this piece look alive. The knobs on the big spike are bits of pearl (Israeli) couscous I glued on šŸ¤—-

The fiery reds and oranges really make the greens pop-

Next I will apply a thin glaze of yellow and then some beeswax paste to seal everything up and this strange form will be ready to bloom on the wall- hopefully in a gallery somewhere šŸ˜Š


    1. Yeah this thing looks very unreal sitting on my work table- Iā€™m really liking the effect of layering glazes of color instead of one thick opaque layer esp with the transitions. It almost glows!

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