Almost there

An abstract sculpture in progress made from thread by MJ Seal

These three abstract, threaded landscapes are almost done-

After sealing each up in acrylic medium I then applied a layer of titanium white paint to give the green layer I would apply next a bright ground to play off of –

With the top and bottom pieces I applied an even coat of white all over. For the middle piece I just scumbled the titanium white over the higher points which I figured would give greater contrast to the top layers.

Next I had to come up with the perfect shades of green-

A lovely chartreuse

An intense Kelly green

And a deep emerald green

The semi transparent glazes of green allow the underlying white layer to show and reflect light through them slightly- so they literally glow- esp in daylight. Next and lastly they will get a top glaze tinted with a little Nickle Azo Gold (a bright golden yellow) which will really make the greens pop.


    1. I’m varnishing them today and then they will be hung up on a wall somewhere- not sure where exactly as the walls in my studio/ home are almost completely full 🙂


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