1. I love that this piece has a French name. xD That makes it feel a little less scary. I find it scary because the big black bird in the middle reminds me of a nightmare I used to have when I was little. Thought provoking. xD Great work as always.

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    1. Thanx! And yes and yes- French always makes things sound softer and more elegant I think 🤔 I wrote up the title in German to – it makes it seem even scarier 😄- “Die Nacht ist bricht herein” which literally means “the night is breaking in” I was trying to say “night descends” but that didn’t translate quite exactly into either language- the French version worked well though.

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      1. The German translation is the stuff horror movies are made of! lol That would definitely give this piece a much more sinister vibe. I’m even more happy you went with the French one now. xD

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