Approaching The Finish Line- Spring Landscape

An abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal

Yes I know it’s September already but I have been veeeerrrryyyy busy and I’m just now putting the finishing touches on this piece I began in February 🙄-

After initial sculpting on this multi part piece I coated it in a layer of acrylic medium (to help the paint adhere to the glue and paper) then painted them all over with a layer of titanium buff to give a bright even ground to work off of.

I painted the undersides with black and dark gray for contrast and coated the upper sides of each in a light warm gray. They look like ghosts of primitive sea creatures at this point- I’m almost thinking of stopping it there.

Next I will apply a little Titanium White to the tips of the knobs and then they will get a coating of bright spring green paint- and thus piece will finally be finished 😃!

These forms have a lot of texture and I’m very happy with how the spines came out. An under coat of bright white on the spines will really make the layer of green over top of them pop.


  1. I really love the organic nature of this work and many of your pieces. You elevate paper mache to the art a master. What got you interested in this medium. I think it would be very interesting for me to try it again, it has been a long time since I have played with paper mache.

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    1. Well I had these ideas for sculpture s that would not have worked well with ceramic clays (which I also dabble in) so I remembered in school when I used to make little dioramas and photograph them I often used celluclay (?) a powdered paper material u just mixed with water. It was e z 2 make into any form I could conceive- air dried to a concrete like density and never split or cracked.
      And since my work often deals with time and reincarnation of a sort I figured I should use every day ephemera as my sculpting medium. Plus I like that I can make art out of what is essentially garbage 🙂

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