1. Thanx! Yeah I was doing a daily ink blot silhouette for a while but got burned out in them. With the blotograph s ( literally blot drawings) I can get more depth and complexity- and knocking out a couple every week is totally doable.

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    1. Thanx- I always strive 2 please my adoring audience 🙂. Yeah this piece became very complex and some of the grotesque faces didn’t even develop fully. If your looking for art exercises I find this technique is great for improving drafting skills as well thinking outside of the box skills. Hope your feeling better.

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      1. Slowly feeling better. Thanks. =)

        I can see how your work would improve thinking outside of the box. Do you have any idea what you’ll draw when you start or do you just start making lines/shapes and then develop the concept further?

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      2. Well I usually stare at the blotted paper for a couple minutes and then start out with n e eyes or other prominent features that pop out to me- once I start it’s kind of like putting a puzzle together. I think the colors I lay down first have the greatest influence- then of coarse my mood 🙂


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