Work In Progress- Spring Landscape

When I started this piece Winter’s chill was just beginning to lose it’s grip-

I’ve had this idea for a sculpture that would pop out of and glide down the wall. A sort of abstract landscape with gently rolling hills and small projections of bright green projecting out of a gray background.

Since I wanted something larger scale I figured it would be best to create this piece out of sections that could hang independently. Making a fabric and paper mache shell for each component would make for a lightweight but strong foundation for this wall mounted sculpture.First I cut up some old paintings on canvas that I didn’t like and draped them over hill-shaped armatures. The pieces of canvas form a sort of jointed shell that when soaked in glue water and covered in paper strips form a lightweight, sturdy base.

Over the paper I applied a layer of crinkled up paper and fallen leaves to give these pieces some texture. I used random ephemera (junk mail, receipts, catalogs, etc.) that had been collecting in my paper recycling basket as the main sculpting material for these. I love making art with what is essentially garbage- I find the idea of using detritus to create very organic spring landscape appealing.

Side and top views of one of the paper hills illuminated by the rising sun on my studio table

After applying the paper skin I added small spikes and knobs of paper mache clay to the “hills” Once those cure this massive piece will be ready for a coating of paint.

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