Work In Progress- Threading A Forest Together

In addition to the jute cord and burlap landscapes forests I’ve been working on smaller pieces strung together from thread-

Work in Progress Spring Forest 02

I wanted to make some bright, chartreuse-green abstract landscapes like in my sketchbook doodles-

I found some thick cotton thread that would be very easy to manipulate and would provide a bright white ground for an overlying skin of green paint- like white gesso on a piece of canvas.

Work in Progress Spring Forest 01

This first piece grew a little to big for the table- it’ll need some work.

Work in Progress Threaded Spring Landscape 01

The second one is coming along nicely- it really looks alive.


This third landscape is my favorite so far- I am going to add a few more tendrils that will pop out slightly. These pieces look very delicate but they are remarkably sturdy (and lightweight) plus the thread stays somewhat flexible and won’t break if bent.



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