Experiment- Pebeo Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaf

These actually produce a mirror-like metallic finish-

I decided to try out Pebeo’s Gedeo Mirror Effect Leaves on paper using to different gilding adhesives.  I applied A generic water-based gilding size and some of Pebeo’s Gedeo  Mixtion Relief  to 2 different kinds of art paper. The Mixtion Relief is very thick (as it’s supposed to be) and produces a support similar to traditional glue-and-slaked-plaster relief gilding paste- but is much easier to use and comes in a tube.

After allowing the adhesives to dry a bit they have become essentially clear and have developed the proper level of tack.

I then cut up a sheet of the leaf into four small piece and pressed them -light silver side down- into the patches of adhesive. The Mirror Effect Leaves are similar to transfer gold leaf- only the metal foil is attached to some clear kind of mylar and it is really attached- it will not come off unless the leaf is stuck down to the gilding adhesive. Note- its much easier to cut up the metal leaves into desired sizes if you have a sharp pair of scissors.

After letting these sit overnight I then peeled back the metal leaves- the Mirror Effect metal leaf stuck very well to the sized portion of the paper- and left very clean edges. Even on paper with some texture the leaf had an almost mirror like reflective quality- especially of the portions applied to the Mixtion Relief adhesive size. I’m interested to see what this material would be like on a really smooth surface like glass or plastic.

Pebeo Gedeo Mirror Effect Leaves Test 05

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