Work in Progress- Verdant Form

An abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles a very strange flower

Slowly coming to life-First I cut up some old paintings on paper I didn’t like into leafy shapes and attached a layer of muslin cloth to the front of each “leaf” with glue water(for extra strength). Then I glued them to a canvas I started painting years ago but never did anything with. I added some paper mache clay around the bases for a little added hold.To make the leaves pop out more and give them some rigidity I buttressed them on the underside with more paper mache clay. After the paper mache clay dried I decided this piece needed more texture and depth so glued down more “leaves” made from torn up paintings and then began pasting a layer of paper mache clay over the whole piece. 

After the skin of paper mache dried I felt it still needed something else (in addition to some paint). So I applied small cup and flower like shapes that sort of bloom from the center of this piece. I also added more clay to the edges of the larger leaves so they kind of undulate and give a sense of movement.A little more sculpting and this piece will be ready for a verdant green top coat of  paint.

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