Work in Progress- First Of Spring

Detail of a sculpture in progress by MJ Seal made from paper mache that resembles spiky, spring green tentacles breaking out of a gray, papery skin

So I started this piece way back at the beginning of April when spring really was just starting to poke through the snow and dead leaves and then I got a little sidetracked-First I plastered paper mache strips made from art supply catalogs over the beginnings of a painting that has been sitting on the wall for years and obviously was never going to be completed. I stuffed some old rags underneath it to the top center of the piece to give it some added depth.Work in Progress first of spring 02Then I took more strips of paper, soaked them in glue water and then twisted them into sticks and let them dry.Work in Progress first of spring 03After they dried I mounted them onto the canvas with glue and leftover paper mache clay from a previous sculpture.Work in Progress first of spring 04After that set up I set about plastering the entire surface with a layer of paper mache pulp made from old paintings on paper that I tore up. The little sticks seem to be transforming into what looks like a cross between antlers and sprouts.

A little more sculpting and this piece will be ready for it’s skin of paint-Work in Progress first of spring 05

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