Work in progress- Encrustation

Detail of a paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal that resembles a a cluster of gray, primitive sea creatures

What started out back in January as a first (and completely screwed up) attempt at making paper is slowly coming into it’s own- This piece began as a very textured sheet of stiff paper made of ground up junk mail and PVA glue and is slowly evolving into what looks like a reef of primitive sea animals.Stage 1

After the sheet dried I decided it wouldn’t work for what I wanted to use it for but it had potential with all its texture. So I mounted it onto a half finished painting that was going nowhere and attached bits of rolled up paper mache strips to the top surface-Stage 2

Once they dried I began applying a layer of paper mache clay made of ground up junk mail and ephemera mixed with glue and a little powdered limestone –The rolled up paper mache strips seem to be taking on the forms of sponges and crinoids encrusting some ancient sea floor. And I’m really liking the soft, matte gray of the “clay” with its dimpled texture- which actually reminds me a lot of the fossils I find in this area.

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